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Kyoto, Japan

Content of Riri’s Travels:

Riri’s Travels is a travel blog that combines inspiration to travel and recommendations on where to eat, stay and explore in a wide range of countries. It reaches a younger audience, spanning the ages of 16-29 with it’s trendy design and active online presence. With a readership of over 10,000 followers across various social media platforms, this blog reaches individuals interested in new destinations, travel advice and guides on specific cities/countries. Over time, Riri’s Travels has built trust amongst these readers, influencing them with her advice and tips through being honest and only engaging in sponsored articles that are relevant to her niche. 


Lagoa, Portugal

Why Work with Riri’s Travels?

1. Influence:

  • 45% of readers stated that the blog helped them make decisions about their upcoming holiday / gave them inspiration to visit.
  • Comments on blog and social media are produced by genuine and interested reader – there are no comment / follow bots.
  • This blog only features authentic experiences, meaning that there are no sponsored posts or travel guides from places / countries not visited by Riri.

2. Destination Coverage:

A sponsored media trip is a great way to increase the awareness of a place and also encourage people to partake certain activities based on Riri’s recommendations. Riri can provide social media shares, photography, as well as articles on her website. Please note: Riri is based in the UK.

3. Reviews:

Riri can review your product or hotel and tell my readers about it. It will grow the brand awareness, trustworthiness, and can lift your rankings in Google. This can include giveaways and competitions on social media sites and booking links.


VCR Cafe, Kuala Lumpur

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