While in Denmark, we took  a short trip across the Øresund Bridge to spend a day in Malmö, Sweden. We went at Easter, so most of the shops were shut, and the streets were quiet but this certainly didn’t affect our trip. We took the Swebus Express Coach across the ocean, and all we had to do was show our passports and we entered the neighbouring country. To save money, we took a picnic to Malmö from Copenhagen (where we were based for this travel), just so we didn’t have to take out Swedish Kroner.

Firstly, we visited the St. Petri (St. Peter’s) Church. It looked pretty grand from the exterior, and inside, it did not disappoint. The grand white walls made the intricate ornaments stand out beautifully, showing how much effort went into making them. We meditated and relaxed in here until the rain calmed down a little before setting into the city.

We spent the rest of our hours walking through Malmö town and enjoying its mix of nature and art. There are many parks and rivers running throughout the city, all with plenty of ducks to accompany you. There are many sculptures, monuments and statues resting at each corner within the town, so if you enjoy art, you will enjoy this city. We took a trip to the local modern art museum – Moderna Museet Malmö – and it had a pretty good range of contemporary art.

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