Sri Lanka

unadjustednonraw_thumb_40f.jpgIn Easter 2018, my friend Shema and I spent two weeks in Sri Lanka. We started off in Kandy, getting there by a bus which was covered in flowers, buddhas and played the loudest Bollywood music…probably one of the best ways to be introduced to this vibrant country! Here, we explored the town and took a day trip north to Sigiriya to climb the humongous Lion Rock. We then worked our way down to Dambulla Cave Temple, visiting a herbal garden and Kaudulla National Park along the way to see elephants in their natural habitat.

Our next stage of the journey was to catch the world’s most beautiful train journey from Kandy to Ella, but it was a little different from what we expected. It was super crowded due to a Sri Lankan holiday, meaning that there were many locals travelling too. It was one of the most sweatiest, smelliest and a craziest experiences I’ve faced, but our day was filled with smiles and plenty of laughs. After seeing the views of the many hills, greenery and waterfalls in Ella, we understood why Sri Lanka is now a growing tourist destination. The main sites we visited here was Ravana Falls and the Nine Arch Bridge.

We then went to Mirissa, through the countryside and tea plantations to reach Sri Lanka’s beautiful Southern coastline. After walking and hiking for the most part of our travels, it was nice to just relax here. Our next point of call, before going home, was Galle, in the Southwest of the island. We stayed within the fort which had walls surrounding the area with a white lighthouse overlooking us. It had a European feel as this area had been previously owned by the Dutch, Portuguese and British.

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