img_9091-e1530716287278.jpgOn my mini European tour in 2018, I had a great time spending two days in Slovakia’s capital city. My father and I stayed in a ‘Botel’ which was a boat-turned-hotel on the side of the Danube, which was a great and interesting way to experience a city.

My favourite area was Bratislava’s Old Town, where we visited Michael’s Gate, the Old Town Hall and spotted many bronze statues. As we didn’t know much about the history or culture of Slovakia, we decided to try some of the country’s traditional dishes. We found The Slovak Pub (which I highly recommend!) and ate some dishes such as Cesnaková Polievka which is cheesy garlic soup for starters, then Bryndzové Haluškyat, which is dumplings with sheep cheese for a main meal.

The central landmark, Hrad Castle, stands tall overlooking the land with a natural moat defence of the Danube River. You can easily spend a full day here, but as we were short of time, we decided just to wander around the castle’s gardens, the gates and view points over the Danube, where you can get a good panorama of the old and new parts of Bratislava.

Another point of interest I enjoyed seeing was the Church of St. Elisabeth. It’s commonly known as Blue Church, due to its bright colour, and it is one of the best hidden gems I’ve found in Europe. The modern style reminded me buildings you’d come across in Barcelona, but it looks so beautifully out of place here in Bratislava. I wish there were more buildings like this church around the world!

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