XXFullSizeRender.jpgWhen you finish university a week earlier than anticipated, what do you do? You have a weeks holiday in Portugal of course! As we were searching only a week in advance, return flights were cheap and the hotel was even cheaper…the budget traveller’s dream words!

Our hotel was located in Alporchinos, a small town in southern Portugal in the Algarve. The tranquil town was a great base for us as there was few tourists and souvenir shops in sight, but coastlines full of picturesque beaches; a place to catch a glimpse of Portugal’s beautiful nature.

This holiday was our first relaxing beach holiday we’ve been on together, contrasting from our European city breaks, African safaris, and adventurous Asian travels. But as well, prior to our departure from England, this holiday was already different – we volunteered to not board the plane. Usually this sets in worry and panic and fuss for me, we had transfers waiting in Portugal and we would miss our first day of our short getaway. But why we did it? Compensation. Compensation of €400 for us each would be waiting for us when we get back from holiday.

Throughout the next few days, after arriving safely on a later flight that night, we had fun visiting the sandy beaches, high caves and old-fashioned streets in little white towns. The Algarve is famous for its coastline, but it’s greenery and colourful flowers should just as celebrated. All locals were super kind and understood our broken-down Portuguese (which for me was influenced by knowing a little Spanish.) We would highly recommend Portugal for a holiday, and it’s price makes it even more tempting!


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