XXIMG_3803.jpgItaly, the land of ancient culture, fine architecture and carbs! I have wanted to visit Italy since I can remember, and summer 2017 was my first time to do so. I went with my dad for some father-daughter bonding and we thoroughly enjoyed what this country had to offer. And with food, we did not hold back! Between us we got through so many pizza slices, pasta dishes and sweet deserts!

We started out the holiday in Venice, flying into Marco Polo airport. We spent a few days here exploring the canals and little narrow streets. This place offers some beautiful buildings too – check out Saint Mark’s Basilica and Doge Palace! Secondly we headed to Rimini on the Adriatic coast to have a couple of ‘beachy’ days and more so, to visit the close by republic/country – San Marino. We then took a train westwards and ended up in Pisa to see the famous Leaning Tower for one night.

To finish off our journey, we ended our holiday in Italy’s capital, Rome. Here, we explored the ancient ruins left by the Romans which was wonderful and facsinating to see. Our first full day here was conjoined with Rome Pride – watching different floats drive past with huge crowds, rainbows everywhere and a dash of drag queens was a great way to be welcomed into this vibrant city. It was great seeing the juxtaposition between the old world of the Colosseum next to the parade of our new beautiful world. Our last day was spent in a different country – The Vatican City. We woke up at 6am to try to miss the crowds for the chance to see the Pope, but unfortunately Francis did not want to see his paparazzi this fine day.

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