Top Things To Do In Sri Lanka

Here’s a list of Riri’s favourite tourist attractions to see and do in Sri Lanka. If you’re heading to this country in the Indian Ocean, be sure to visit!

1. Sigiriya

ybP%bOV%Tqu7DwTLoq5hQw_thumb_252Sigiriya is Sri Lanka’s most recognisable landmark. Also known as Lion Rock, the hill stands high in Central Province at 200 metres. The ancient rock fortress was built for a King, and after, it was used as a Buddhist Monastery. Today, you will still see the enormous lion claws at gateway of the steps. Be sure to go early in the morning to beat the crowds and keep out of the hot sun!

2. Ravana Falls

000000UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_38cLocated near Ella, Ravana Falls sits tucked away in the hillside. It is one of Sri Lanka’s widest and most historic waterfall, as many myths and legends have connections to the cave that sits behind the water. Be sure to grab some sturdy / waterproof shoes and your swimsuit and check out this relaxing, yet a little dangerous, tourist destination.

3. Galle Fort

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In Galle Fort, you will find highly built walls with little gates into this enclosed little area. Although it’s a little more expensive than the rest of Sri Lanka, it is definitely worth staying within the fort as everything is in walking distance. Galle Fort was one of my favourite places in this country, as you felt like you were in a different little world and it had many colourful backdrops for cute photo shoots!

4. Nine Arch Bridge

0000000nY+6nL35ShmG+b2PyuRniw_thumb_411.jpgSri Lanka’s Nine Arch Bridge sits quietly in the hillside of Ella. It presents one of the best examples of colonial-era railway construction in the country, as British engineers helped to make the bridge. At certain times of the day, you will find trains passing over, so if you visit, always be careful and be ready to run to the edge of the track!

5. Kaudulla Elephant Safari

000000UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_2f5Kaudulla National Park, located in the North Central Province contains a great elephant safari for those wanting to spot some wildlife. Kaudulla takes care of the elephants, allowing them to be free in their natural habitat. There are no fences or chains in sight, as they allow the creatures to roam freely as they should, without human contact.

6. Mirissa Beach

00000000UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_499Mirissa is a town located on the Southern coast of Sri Lanka overlooking the Indian Ocean. This place is known for its beaches, turtles and nightlife…a perfect place to relax in this hectic country. You will find plenty of couples, families and solo travellers, so Marissa has a place for everyone to enjoy.

7. Dambulla Cave Temple

00000UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_294.jpgThis temple is located in a cave, high up on a hill in Dambulla. The outside may not seem impressive, but once you step inside, it’s pretty incredible how many Buddhas and colourful paintings there are. I find it amazing how such an isolated place is so full of artefacts…that’s probably why it has since became a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

8. Kandy – Ella Train


On our 4th day travelling this country, we took the train from Kandy to Ella, and what an experience it was. Firstly, it was a bank holiday for Sri Lanka which meant one thing…it was CROWDED! Within the 6th hour, it began to get quieter, meaning that I could finally sit down for the first time (on the floor!). Thankfully there are lots of food sellers that board the train to sell snacks, and of course the stunning views of Sri Lanka’s untouched countryside made the 9 hours worth it!

9. Tea Factory

UNADJUSTEDNOnNRAW_thumb_332.jpgAs I mentioned before, it was a holiday in Sri Lanka, which meant that Lipton’s Tea Factory, and some other smaller businesses were shut. I would have loved to experienced picking the tea leaves and trying out the different flavours and tastes, but I will just have to wait till next time. Pictured above is the tea fields I was able to see from the outside.

10. Adam’s Peak / Little Adam Peaks

Little_Adam's_Peak,_Ella,_Sri_LankaUnfortunately due to lack of time, I didn’t have enough time to visit either of these hill treks. Adam’s peak is a full day’s hike, which needs proper mountain hiking gear. Little Adam’s Peak is easily climbing, taking up about an hour or so to get a nice view of Sri Lanka’s untouched countryside.


2 thoughts on “Top Things To Do In Sri Lanka

  1. This sounds amazing – it definitely makes me want to book a long holiday to Sri Lanka! I particularly like the look of Ravana Falls and Kaudulla Safari, but to be honest I’d probably want to visit everywhere on your list! I hope you had a lovely time while you were there!!


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