Top Things To Do in Vienna, Austria

Oh Vienna! If you’re heading to Austria’s capital Vienna for a few days, make sure you add these places to see on your bucket list!

1. Schönbrunn Palace

Towards the west of the city, you will find this glorious yellow building surrounded by acres of gardens. Translating to ‘beautiful fountain’, this area and regal building will not disappoint. The detail in each room inside is magnificent, so if you like history I recommend you to have a tour. If you prefer to just enjoy the gardens with its mazes and fountains, then just head towards the back of the Palace as it is free.

2. Hundertwasserhaus

Situated in a remote area of Vienna sit’s this colourful building designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser. At first this building had a lot of negativity as it looked so out-of-place…so far that they went to court! Yet today it is celebrated for its contemporary style and enjoyed by all ages. Be sure to check out the mall across from the building too, it’s a nice little place to get some souvenirs!

3. Vienna State Opera

IMG_8561Have you even been to Vienna if you haven’t seen the Vienna State Opera? The world-famous building looks grand from the outside, but I recommend going inside, either on a tour or to watch a show just to see the building’s exquisite interior. I went to watch a ballet called Giselle with the tickets only costing £10…but the view was pretty restricted. I was happy I was able to feel the atmosphere, see the interior and listen to a beautiful live orchestra!

4. Hofburg Palace

IMG_8506If you visit central Vienna, it’s more than likely that you’ll stumble upon this curved building. The Palace does hold tours, but unfortunately on the day we went to visit, Russia’s president Putin had a meeting inside so no public were allowed in. We did enjoy the view from the outside though, especially on this bright day with many traditional horse and carriages going by.

5. Graben

IMG_8438Graben is one of Vienna’s most famous streets which has many branded shops, restaurants, bars and hotels. The plaza also contains many historic landmarks such as St. Stephen’s Catherdral, Plague Column and Leopoldsbrunnen.  It’s impressive to think that this street was first created in the 12th Century, and there have been many beautiful buildings built since then.

6. Donauinsel

Donauinsel is a 13 mile, man-made island located on the Danube river. It splits the water between the Danube River and the parallel channel called the New Danube. It’s a nice area to come to relax and sunbathe (there’s even a nude beach area!) but it also has many other activities such as skating, swimming, cycling and canoeing. In the summer you can find many fun events taking place here.

7. Volksgarten

IMG_8530Volksgarten, translating to “People’s Garden,” is a public park open which primarily grows roses. It was fabricated in the 19th Century, after the area was destroyed by Napoleon in 1809. It is furnished with a couple of small buildings, fountains and monuments, and it also has opportunities to remember loved ones with signs on each rose tree.

8. Rathaus

Rathaus, or simply Vienna City Hall, is an extravagant building which holds the local government and events for the town. The building is spread over six floors and two basements with a total of 1,575 rooms! When I was there, they were preparing for Vienna Pride, putting up the stage, preparing the park around it and putting up many rainbows.

9. Gloriette

IMG_8720If you visit Schönbrunn Palace, then you will most likely see the Gloriette building. It is located opposite the Palace on top of a small hill with a fountain near by. Despite the sun glaring down on my ginger skin, I decided to go up to see it closer and I am happy I did so, as when you turn around you will see a magnificent view of Vienna!

10. Historic Centre of Vienna

IMG_8836Vienna’s Historic Centre (Innere Stadt in German) is the name for the city’s first municipal District, which many places from the list above are located. There are countless points of interest such as museums, theatres and churches which I have yet to mention, as the area is so huge. Pictured above is Burggarten, where there is a pretty butteryfly sanctuary I recommend you to visit!


3 thoughts on “Top Things To Do in Vienna, Austria

  1. Me and my boyfriend have just been here as well! What a lovely city, right?
    I need to go back because we’d missed a majority of the places you’d mentioned.I am actually kicking myself as we’ve missed out some amazing places it seems!!

    Abby xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aw, I hope you two had a great time. It’s such a clean and pretty city isn’t it?! I suppose this post is just another reason to go back and have a long weekend there! x


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