When EasyJet gave us €800

In May 2017 after finishing uni a week earlier than expected, Miz and I decided to have a short trip away to Portugal thanks to the low-cost fares on EasyJet. After finding a cheap hotel to match our budget, we booked it straight away.

So a week later, we arrived at Newcastle Airport, ready to depart cloudy Britain in return for the sunny Algarve. We went straight through security as we didn’t have a suitcase and eventually got through to our gate. We had half an hour to wait until we were to fly…then 10 minutes…then 5…then it should have been now but we were still sat in the airport waiting for some reason. After another 10 minutes or so, we were then told that there was a technical issue with the plane – that it was “too heavy to fly” so they needed volunteers to come off the flight. As soon as this message was broadcasted, you could feel the panic in the room and everybody was eyeing each other as nobody wanted to get off this flight and be separated from their friends or family.

It was then said that if you were to volunteer to come off the plane, you will be put on another flight free of charge and given €400 in compensation for the inconvenience.

As soon as money came into the equation, my boyfriend looked at me and said that we must do it. I was hesitant as we were only away for 5 nights and if we were to go on the later flight we’d miss a full day of our getaway. It wouldn’t be so bad if you were away for 10 plus days, but as it was only 5 days it would cut our time quite a bit…

Being a stress-head I kept saying no as we would have to change our airport transfer which was booked and our hotel’s reception shut at midnight, and we’d be arriving at 11:30pm which is cutting it fine. He assured me everything would be fine and that we could just email them. I finally gave in.

He went to ask about volunteering off the plane with the staff, and they said that they only needed one more volunteer to come off. In other words, they were able to let both of us come off the flight, but only one of us would get compensation. As our entire holiday only cost us £240 for flights and the hotel, we would still be profiting by £120  with the compensation by going on a later flight.

So we decided to volunteer off the plane.

The staff at the airport was very helpful, and sorted out our new flights free of charge as promised and gave us the form to carry out in order to receive €400 euros of compensation. We sat in the airport for an extra 6-7 hours, but as we were given £26 in food vouchers, it made it a little more pleasant. We filled out the compensation form on EasyJet’s website and decided to just try putting both of our names forward for compensation, even though we were told that only one of us would receive it.

Later that night we eventually arrived in Portugal via Belfast as that was the fasted route possible. A few days into our holiday I received an email in response to my request for the compensation, the email which announced how much money we would acquire….We had been granted €800! EasyJet converted this to around £695 which was nice considering our holiday had been booked for only £240. We put this money straight towards hotels and Airbnbs for our adventure in Japan and South Korea later this summer.

Thanks to EasyJet for being such a helpful and loyal airline to its customers!


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