Top Places To Visit in London

My favourite places in London, which I recommend everyone to visit!

1. Camden Town

xxIMG_4428Camden Town is my favourite spot in London. Why? It has the cutest little canals, it has quirky little shops, and it has hundreds of food stalls, a foodies’ dream! I could eat here every day in London, for each of my 3 meals too. This time we tried Chinese food, Nepalese doughy things, Japanese pancake and Korean burritos…all in just one day!

2. West End

xxIMG_4452Maybe I’m a little bias as I study Musical Theatre and love shows, but London is famous for its high quality performances on West End, so each visitor should try to see at least one show. Tickets can be pretty pricey, but the best way to see something is either sitting far away in the balcony, chancing it until last-minute at Leicester Square’s TKTS booth, or downloading the TodayTix app and entering the lottery.

3. Covent Garden

xxIMG_4483Covent Garden is another popular tourist spot. The old market is open each day contrasting to the modern and branded shops surrounding it. My favourite place is Neal’s Yard, pictured above. It’s a hidden down a little alley way, and in the middle it has plenty of little beauty spas, restaurants and bars. Check out Homeslice Pizza if you like pizzas double the slice of your head!

4. Green Park

xxIMG_4477Green Park is adjacent to Buckingham Palace, so it’s quite a busy little park on a sunny day. My boyfriend and I decided to get a little picnic which included these beautiful little macaroons from La Duree which is just off Piccadilly Road and sit in the sun. Unfortunately you have to hire the deck chairs, but since it was dry we just sat on the grass and watched the world go by.

5. Chinatown

xxIMG_4444In-between Shaftesbury Avenue and Leicester Square sits London’s Chinatown. But more correctly, I think it should be called ‘Asia-town’ as is includes restaurants and shops from all across Asia. I enjoy the food the area has to offer, and the oriental sculptures and statues decorating the streets.



One thought on “Top Places To Visit in London

  1. Great post! I enjoyed it 😊 I’m traveling to London later this year. I’ll have to check back here for reminders of where to go!

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