Top Places to Visit in Venice

Travelling to Italy soon or need some travel inspo? Riri’s top attraction’s to see in Venice will surely make you tempted!

1. Grand Canal

aaxxIMG_3225.pngVenice’s Grand Canal is the first thing people usually come across as it is situated close to the railway station. It’s the first glimpse of what Venice is like in today’s age – many tourists, speed boats over taking gondolas and many restaurants.

2. Doge’s Palace

xxIMG_3322Doge’s Palace is situated in southern Venice. You can recognise it due to its striking symmetrical architecture, and its pink and white brickwork. Inside is just as beautiful, the paintings and interior design is definitely a must see. Be sure to take your student card for a nice discounted entrance fee!

3. Bridge of Sighs

aaxxIMG_3341.jpgConnected to Doge’s Palace is the Bridge of Sighs, where you can view the landmark from the pavement. The bridge connects Doge’s Palace and its court rooms to Venice’s old prison where newly announced prisoners would make their way to their cell, hence how the bridge received its name.

4. Piazza San Marco

xxIMG_3318St Mark’s Square, as it’s known in English is probably the busiest part in Venice due to many surrounding attractions. With a nice view of Saint Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s Palace and the bell tower of San Marco which has beautiful views of the city. There are many little restaurant sand shops around too, but I found more expensive due to the location.

5. Rialto Bridge

xxIMG_3234Rialto Bridge may be the second famous bridge after Grand Canal’s, but I’m pretty sure everyone prefers this one. It has lots of little shops on the bridge where shopaholics can spend a few euros. Personally, I thought it looked the prettiest as it has lots of little arches. It is pretty full of tourists, so a picture from afar is best!

6. Get Lost!

xxIMG_3292The best advice from me is to get lost in the alley and little canal ways. This is the best option for finding perfect picture without the mass of tourists. I also loved exploring around the quieter areas of Venice, as I believe I got the authentic feel of the city, away from souvenir shops and tourists.



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