Top Places to Visit in Rome

The ‘must sees’ for every tourist in one of the most ancient cities in the world

1.ย Colosseum

xxIMG_3795Have you even been to Rome if you don’t see this or get a picture for Instagram? The Colosseum is one of the most famous buildings in the world, and is one of the top reasons why so many tourists flock to Rome every year. It really is as grand as you believe it is, and the area around it has a nice vibe. I recommend going for the tour inside too to see how clever the Romans were with their inventions.

2. Trevi Fountain

xxIMG_3758Another top tourist attraction, and you will notice this as you dodge your way to the front between what seems thousands of tourists.ย As every other person, I threw a penny in and made a wish. It is reported that an estimated 3,000 Euros are thrown into the fountain each day. I visited the fountain again around midnight and there was still around 30 people there, all in pairs being romantic by drinking wine and eating grapes together. I’d definitely recommend going at this time for a much nicer vibe.

3.ย Spanish Steps

spanishxxIMG_3821.jpgWhen I visited these steps, I didn’t quite know why it was so famous/busy here until I found out they have been featured in many films. I just thought that it was a grand set of steps leading up to a church, but besides that, I was still impressed with the ‘grand-ness’ of them. I just found it such a shame that it was covered with tourists and there wasn’t any nice authentic vibes from here. If you visit, I’d recommend going at sunset time as it’s slightly quieter and if you climb the stairs to the top, you get a nice view of the city in the golden sun.

4. Palatine Hill

xxIMG_378ds9.jpgTo be truly honest, I found this place more interesting and appealing than the Colosseum. Palatine Hill stands isolated in its natural beauty with few tourists around, showing a true feel as to how the Romans would have roamed about in it. Maybe it’s because it’s the only mass greenery in the city and I love nature…anyways go and be mesmerized by it.

5.ย Pantheon

xxIMG_3827The Pantheon is one of the most original buildings made by the Romans which is still standing untouched here in Rome. Unfortunately we didn’t venture inside due to the mile-long long queue, blazing sun and my white-ginger skin which would have just frazzled. The view outside at least is pretty outstanding, so next time I visit, I will check out its interior.

6.Castel Sant’Angelo

castelIMG_3836.jpgWe managed to visit inside here as the queue happened to pretty short when we arrived. This place was where Hadrian lived and was built by himself too. It seemed pretty weird seeing this place, as Hadrian’s Wall back in the UK, is situated where I live – on the borders of Scotland and England. It was cool knowing that we had been to his house and even seen the coffin where he is alleged buried. The architecture and views of the Vatican city from the top of here is highly recommended too!



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