My Travel Bucket List

The top 10 countries which are on my bucket list…

(Disclaimer, none of these pictures are mine.)

1. Sri Lanka

18d5t405h8551-1600x1063.jpgSituated in the Indian Ocean, just southwest of the Bay of Bengal lies this gem of a country. Known for its exportation of teas, the origin of cinnamon and fishing uncomfortably on pole, I cannot wait to visit this country one day to learn more about their culture. (Update – I went in March 2018!)

2. Fiji

fijifji3.jpgThe only place I’ve listed that is in the Pacific Ocean. One day after the loooongest flight (I imagine), I will explore the beaches with a coconut drink in my hand and not move for 5 hours.

3. Peru

f_342418.jpgI have never been to South America yet, but if I where to go tomorrow, Peru is where I’d probably go. I’d love to experience the breath-taking views of Machu Picchu after a long hike.

4. California, USA


I’ve been to America twice already, visiting New York and Miami. If I were to return though, I’d definitely love to explore California. I’d love to workout on Venice beach, explore Hollywood and people watch for at least an hour every day!

5. Bangladesh

bdesh16debcc_b.jpgBangladesh, my good friend’s family’s homeland. Due to this I can speak a few Bengali phrases, so I am more than prepared to visit this wonderful country (hehe). It’s a successfully growing country, and it has modernised pretty recently in some areas. Despite this, I would much prefer to adventure around its quieter areas with its beautiful green nature.

6. Jordan

petra43.jpgOn this list, Jordan is the country which I know least about. I know about Petra, but nothing much more. I’d love to travel here and discover more about their culture, food and towns.

7. Brazil

brazil-city-rio.jpgBrazil has stood out to me since the Rio games. Many beaches meet the cities therefore you can have a beach holiday and a city break at the same time. I would love to experience one of their carnivals with the extraordinary colours and feathers parading the streets!

8. India

taj63b9.jpgMy sister and auntie have been many times and loved it, so I don’t wanna miss it out! For India, I’d love to visit all the famous temples and landmarks before settling down on a beach for the end of my holiday. I’d love to experience the Holi festival too here as it looks like so much fun! This county just oozes culture which makes it so attractive for me!

9. Morocco

Morocco-Imperial-cities-marvelous-1Morocco is the closest destination on this list to my home in Scotland, which makes me surprised why I have not been to this beautiful country. I would love to explore the blue streets of this city and explore the little souks. The mosques here are so beautiful, another must see for me!

10. Indonesia

AdobeStock_103587221_582_388One of the furthest away places on this list for me. Indonesia I can imagine will be similar to Thailand, but I’ve heard it’s a lot more authentic! I’d love to visit these beautiful shrines and temples too before canoeing in the crystal clear sea!

After writing out this list and realising how much I want to go to these countries, I better get saving now! Have you been to any of these places? Tell me about your experiences! x



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