How I Got My Free Emirates Flight

The day before I was to fly to Zambia, I received a phone call which turned out to be Emirates Airlines. I was told that there was an aircraft change to my planned flight and that there was less seats available. To ensure my seat on a plane, I was asked if I could change to an earlier flight. The only reason why I was reluctant to accept it, was because this would mean I’d have to endure a 9 hour wait in Dubai Airport instead of the 3 hour wait I had planned to experience. I asked if they had a hotel room at Dubai for the 4 of us travelling, as 9 hours qualifies for a layover room, but I was told they were all booked up, but she then went on…

If you go on the earlier flight, for the inconvenience we can offer you a free return flight to anywhere in the world, excluding Australia.

Astonished, I said it out loud to make sure I heard it correctly and she said yes. I asked if all four of us would receive this ticket, and we were granted a voucher each. The rules of this voucher was that it had to be booked within a year of the changed flight date, and the free flight had to have a similar amount of air miles to the changed flight. In my head, this just meant I had a guaranteed holiday next summer before I even went on this summer’s adventure!

Undoubtedly, I accepted this amazing offer.

optionsvoucher-e1493321027311.jpgThe following day, the 4 of us arrived at Manchester Airport to begin our journey to Zambia. We approached the Emirates office, and checked to see if this offer was still happening and thankfully, it was all legit! We were told that to pick up our vouchers, we would simply just have to go back to this desk after our trip, and we would be given our free return voucher. Furthermore, we were each given a free food voucher to use in Dubai Airport, as another apology for the 9 hour inconvenience…free food is always good!

We are hoping every Emirates flight we now board has an aircraft change so we can end up in this situation!

Fast forward 7 months, and Miz and I have just booked our free return flight. After a long deliberation, we decided to go to Japan with our free return air plane ticket and explore this island’s beauty in August 2017. The process was so easy – we approached the Emirates counter, gave over our vouchers to them and then chose a destination on the list of countries they gave us. After asking what dates we’d like to go, our return flights to Tokyo, Narita were booked!

1608_special_TOTO_mainWe decided on Japan because the country itself is a costly place to visit. So with approximately £1,500 taken off our holiday bill already – thanks to these free flights – we decided it would be a good place to experience. Overall, we just wanted to visit this beautiful diverse country with its boundless amounts of city-life, culture and nature.

If you had a FREE return plane ticket, where would you go?


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