Top Foods To Try in America

My favourite foods to try in America, which aren’t readily available in the UK.

1. Chipotle Mexican Grillxx17193710_10208464922756749_830434579_o

I’m not usually a huge fan of Mexican food, but I love Chipotle! This fast food chain stands out for me, as the food is pretty healthy. My usual order consists of – a burrito bowl with brown rice, carnitas, black beans, sweetcorn, sour cream, lettuce and cheese. Pop the lid on top, shake well, open it up and taste heaven! It’s so sad that Chipotle is only available in London and nowhere else in the UK….so when I’m down in the UK capital, I make sure to detour to get my Chipotle fix!

2. Cinnamon Melts®xx17193822_10208464930236936_1724648558_o

McDonalds can be found pretty much anywhere in the world, but their menus differ from country to country. In America, their Cinnamon Melts are very popular, and if you ever get the chance to taste it, you will understand why. The warm, sugary, doughy goodness actually does melt in your mouth with each bite. McDonalds really need to get their act together and bring Cinnamon Melts, their gigantic Reese’s Peanut Butter McFlurrys and breakfasts to be available all day to the UK!

3. Wendy’sxx17200457_10208464922836751_551645141_o

Apparently this fast food chain used to be available in the UK, but stopped in the late 90s and has never been seen again. Whereas in America, you will probably find two within a 5 mile radius from where you are standing. It is similar to McDonalds, but I believe it has more taste, plus it contains ‘realler’ produces. My first ever Wendy’s, which I enjoyed in Miami, from what I can remember tasted really nice for a cheap fast food chain. But when I went to New York and revisited this restaurant, it was way too greasy for me to enjoy 😦 . This place is perfect for bacon lovers – check out the ‘baconator fries’!

4. Buffalo Wild Wingsxx17200597_10208464922476742_481641180_o

Buffalo Wild Wings is a casual dining restaurant and sports bar franchise in the United States and a few other countries. They specialise in chicken wings and sauces, which come either on or off the bone. They have many flavours and spices, and you can order by looking at their coloured heat chart. I usually stick to the non spicy BBQ Sauce or the Bourbon Honey Mustard as I am too white and can’t handle any spice at all. For me, this restaurant is quite sickly to each at often, but I do enjoy a one-off binge of breaded chicken wings!

5. 7-Eleven’s Slurpee Chillxx17195487_10208464928876902_777305697_o

This is an underrated product and it definitely deserves more love than it gets. The Slurpee is available in 7-Eleven stores in the US, but our petrol stations here in the UK are deprived of this smooth (not slush puppy) goodness! They are a perfect drink to cool yourself down with in the summer, especially in states like Florida and California! I enjoy the Pińa Colada flavour the most as it has a nice exotic flavour, but I wouldn’t mind slurping on any. I wonder if anyone has thought about adding alcohol to them…hmm, I think I’ve just got onto something!

6. Graham CrackersIMG672

Are they just crackers? Is it a digestive? Is it a hybrid-mix? To be honest, I can’t really explain but they aren’t crackers or digestives. You don’t really eat them alone, you obviously need to grab yourself some marshmallows and Hershey’s Chocolate, pop it in the microwave and make s’mores! S’mores can be made here in the UK with digestives, but they are too thick and don’t taste sweet enough, and they just aren’t right okay?! Be sure to buy the Honey Maid brand, and bring some back home to ration out!


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