Top Places To Visit in Zambia

My favourite attractions in Zambia, Africa. How many would you like to see?

1. Victoria Falls

xx14237542_10207056716392470_4525462433743176580_n.jpgIf you go to Zambia, it would be hard to not visit this natural wonder of the world! Located on the southwest border next Zimbabwe, it is worth the trip. The waterfall qualifies as the biggest in the world with its combination of height and width. The waterfall’s density will depend on which month you visit. In the dry months of August until December, it will look something like the above picture, but in the other months of the year, the view you will have will be mostly white spray and rainbows. I have experienced both extremes of wet and dry Victoria Falls, and my favourite is when the spray it big enough to cool you down, but dry enough not to drench you.

2. Kariba Dam

zz59847_1457539554621_1718160_n.jpgKariba dam is also on the border with Zimbabwe, but this time in the southeast border. The arched dam is situated in Kariba Gorge, forming Lake Kariba. It stands 128m tall and 579m wide on the Zambezi River. It has an in-built power generator which uses the water and supplies 1,626 megawatts of electricity to both Zambia and Zimbabwe. The nearest Zambian town is Siavonga, a pretty place to also visit with views of Lake Kariba. But be sure to only cool down in the swimming pools the hotels have, as the lake contains crocs!

3. The Zambezi River

xx14225450_10207056685391695_3856536264943832165_nThe Zambezi is the fourth largest river in Africa, running through 6 countries towards the Indian Ocean. It is home to many animals such as hippos, crocodiles, elephants and of course, the mystical ‘Nyami Nyami’. The Nyami Nyami is the snake-like Zambezi river spirit/God, similar to Loch Ness’s monster. You can partake in many activities such as canoeing, boat cruises and wildlife viewing. My favourite activity here is to relax and watch the sunset in the horizon.

4. Tiffany’s Canyon

aaaa20151101_144941Once an old mine, Tiffany’s Canyon suddenly filled up with the bluest of water and is now seen as a leisure spot for all. The canyon provides many activities such as canoeing, paddle boats and water trampolines. It also has a couple of swimming pools on site and a restaurant complete with a fully stocked bar. Tiffany’s Canyon is located 20km south of Lusaka, in a peaceful and picturesque area. Entrance is K100 for adults, and activities start from K50 for half an hour. If you wake up to a beautiful clear day, I encourage you to visit this place and have a fun-filled day!

5. Safari

xx14316871_10207056775113938_1393708842483472404_nIf you come to Africa, many people come with the intention to see some wildlife in its natural habitat. Even if you go to the capital Lusaka, it is very easy to find the ‘Big Five’ in surrounding safaris. The 5 animals include the African Elephant, Leopard, Lion, Buffalo and the Black Rhino. I found that most sanctuaries looked after the animals very well in comparison to ones you may find in Asia. The above picture was my birthday gift, a walk with some cheetahs. Their mum had died, so they grew up in captivity, the main reason why many safaris and nurseries exist here in Zambia. They are well looked after and have huge fields to run in to keep them fit if you are worried about them being kept in some enclosures!

6. An Orphanage

As you know, I have family who lives in Zambia, an my cousin Amanda volunteers at orphanages weekly, teaching them movement and singing classes. I went along with her one day with little toys and little packets of sweeties for each child, and the amount of smiles that came from this small gesture made me realise that I should be more appreciate of everything in my life. One thing I must point out is that I hate the fact that some people go to orphanages just to treat them like a tourist site. I want to make it clear that I went to give my donations of old and small clothing and I partook in their movement class as well. We must have spent at least two hours here playing and sing with the young children, and playing peek-a-boo with the babies.



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